I’m pretty well-researched in my choices for most things, especially if they’re expensive (for instance, $35 face wash). At the very least, I rarely buy something without thinking about it for waaaaayyyyy too long. So, a lot of thought goes into what I spend money on, and I don’t change what I use every two months.

That being said, here’s a growing list of my favorite products, places, and other things.

. . . . . . .


Full Circle Bottle Brush - My favorite dish brush, and really, the only one I use. It’s good for bottles, yes. But also everything else. Bristles on all sides makes weird wrist moves minimal.

Scrub Daddy Dye Free Sponge - Weird to say (because how can a sponge be hard to use), but so easy to use. Like, easier than others. And it looks happy! I keep it resting at the top of my dish brush caddy… It’s kind of nice for there to always be a smile near.

Unbleached Parchment Paper Sheets - Game changer. I don’t often use that phrase. But it’s true here. These aren’t more expensive (at least that I’ve found) than the parchment rolls that you have to tear or cut. They sit nicely in a stack in a handy drawer. You don’t have to crinkle them to get them to lay flat. You can use them for sooooo many things.

. . . . . . .


I feel like it’s worth mentioning that the majority of products in this category are from one company that I truly love and from which I have repeatedly purchased–Kossma. I’ve enjoyed following the owner on Instagram and learning more about the process of formulating and making the products. A lot of the products are tallow-based, and they are all essential oil free as well as PUFA aware (i.e. the products are formulated with no seed oils or seed oils with very low linoleic acid). Following are all the Kossma skincare products I currently use.

Kossma Cleansing Oil - I don’t use this every day, more like 4-ish nights/week when I want to double cleanse. It always makes my face feel so clean, and I can tell the following day if I used it the night before.

Kossma Chamomile Cleansing Gel - My everyday cleanser

Kossma Marshmallow Hydrosol - If it wasn’t wasteful, I’d spray it on my face all throughout the day. When I’m feeling really fancy, I spray it on my scalp. My typical use is after I wash my face, let it dry a little, then put on moisturizer.

Kossma Tallow Beauty Oil - My everyday moisturizer

Kossma Tallow Beauty Balm - If I really want to seal the deal in my daily skincare routine, I’ll apply this after the tallow beauty oil. But I use this more for random spots that need some love. A scratch, a little dry spot, and I also like using it to tame my eyebrows.