Filled out a form for my kids to attend an event. Had to put their ages, but was instructed to mark myself as “adult.” Something about that just sank in. I feel like their adult, their parent. But I don’t always feel like simply an “adult.” 😜

Spring foliage. Not sure why, but I feel extra accomplished to have these irises that will bloom this year on the edge of our pond. #mbapr

Iris foliage on the edge of a pond

One of our favorite card games: Skyjo #mbapr

So excited for garden flowers coming soon! #mbapr

One single Zinnia (Envy) bloom

Searched “toy” in the Photos app on my phone. There were lots of options. But this was one of my most recent favorites. We love to LEGO over here (LEGO was in a big percentage of those photos that came up). #mbapr

4-year-old girl putting together a Lego set

She had a birthday this week 🎉

We went to our homeschool co-op, had waffles for lunch, she opened presents, competed in a Pac-Man tournament (she won!), and had mac-n-cheese (per her request) for dinner.

Just real happy baseball is back.

Found a baby turtle last week. Fascinated at its beauty. After the kids observed it a while, it made it safely into our pond.

A baby turtle

Thrifted all of this for $1.50 yesterday

A photo of 15 children’s books and a framed embroidered portrait of some canoes along a pier

Spring Equinox craft (by my girl) at co-op today

A hand holding up a craft project consisting of popsicle sticks backed with clear packing tape, sticky side up, and foraged wildflowers arranged prettily on top

Planted two trees today. And that always makes me want to plant a loooooot more.

Traveling for the first time since Christmas. To see my family 3 hours away. Which was the last place we traveled as well. Looking forward to this trip. But also excited for some other destination trips coming up soon, I hope.

Co-op Tuesday

Learned about minerals and rock characteristics.

Also did some rock painting with these cool acrylic paint markers (pictured) and got free basalt stone arm massages from our in-house masseuse (aka a homeschool mom). 🙌🏼

A young girl using an acrylic paint marker to decorate a river rock

Scraped my knee on concrete this afternoon, but probably not in the way you might think.

Two different real conversations with the kids on the way home in the car a few nights back: 1) Why glass is so strong, and 2) Where boogers come from

I like parenthood.

In the yard

Some Lego Organization

Organized our “imagination” Lego pieces by color a few days ago. Wasn’t positive they’d stay that way. But so far, the kids have played with them more AND put them back in the right trays. ✨

Used these clear trays from Target and tried not to overfill them so that they can easily search for the piece they want.

Date night last night with my bud. He hasn’t been around too many fish tanks. Was quite intrigued. 🐠💙

For a second, I thought I had a big pimple trying to frustrate me and form on my forehead. Then, I remembered that I hit my head on a shelf this afternoon (after leaning over to take a picture of a plant I want to get rid of…). Wondering what that spot will look like in the AM.

I think this is the first year in a very long time that I didn’t get a Target gift card for Christmas. And I’m happy about it.