Drive home this afternoon

View of a storm from a car

Thrift finds from last week in Natchitoches:

2 Magic Treehouse books to add to our library

3 tiny photo frames to make into ornaments

A Christmas train mug because I thought the kids would like it

A duck picture thing for the bird wall in our guest bathroom

A Study Bible in really great condition

Thrifted items

Grocery shopping with my girl

A 5-year-old girl pushing a buggy at the grocery store

My dad and I just had a lengthy phone conversation (then continued through text) about giant cicada-killer wasps (I saw one earlier this afternoon for the first time) and marbled orb weaver spiders (he has one in his shop). That was all after we talked about birds for a while. 🤓❤️

One of my favorite pictures from June: Him reading Sydney and Taylor Explore the Whole Wide World (a cute and funny short chapter 3-book series about a skunk and a hedgehog) to her

A photo from behind of a brother reading a book to his little sister while both are snuggled on the sofa

A glimpse at a large portion of today’s entertainment for these two

Two kids sitting in chairs in front of a window watching a concrete mixer pour concrete and men work to make it a slab for a porch

Kids are in second day of swimming lessons this year. So, of course, we’re all dreaming of a pool.

We’ve also been discussing getting new bikes as a family. None of us currently have one.

First thing this morning at lessons, Ro said, “Instead of bikes, can we get a pool?”

Even trade, for sure. 🤪

It’s a good thing my life doesn’t depend on cutting up a watermelon quickly.

Zinnias that need some pruning, but that are still providing lots of joy

A garden bed full of zinnias

I’ve gotten rid of 3 houseplants in the last month, and that feels like a pretty big deal but also not.

Goggle pics (from Tuesday) are funny.

A boy in swimming gogglesA girl in swimming goggles

Favorite lemonade, for sure. Basil ginger. From a local favorite place to eat—Taco Sisters. The food is good too. 😊

A hand holding a cup of lemonade in front of a restaurant sign

New fans of Top Golf here. We had fun!

Boy at Top GolfGirl at Top Golf

Saunas simply are not needed in South Louisiana. You can have your own personal one anytime you step outside from May to about middle of October (and many other days sprinkled in the months not mentioned). Choosing to be thankful for daily detox sessions (and the loads of laundry that go with them).

This morning’s sunshine and a chocolate cheesecake protein shake I make for me and my boy once or twice a month…usually just whenever I have a little leftover cottage cheese

A photo from above of a shake in a glass cup with a stainless steel straw sticking out

Thrift finds from last weekend in Bossier visiting my fam

Pretty little hummingbird mirror is for my girl’s room because she’s recently loving them (and all other sorts of animals)

Fiesta mug is to add to my Fiesta collection

Framed barn print is to put in my laundry room with some other old art

A thrifted oval mirror with an etched on hummingbird, a cobalt blue FiestawRe mug, and a framed old barn print

Hanging out in the pantry last night during a tornado warning

Happy gal and her reflection in a glass refrigerator door

Roadkill I’ve seen the last few days: squirrel, possum (or opossum, if you prefer), alligator, and a bird (I think a hawk).

Brigsby found a great blue heron in the trees today instead of at the pond. Can you spot it?

A great blue heron perched in some trees

Finally started this this morning. 🎉

Kingfisher LEGO box sitting on a table ready to be put together