Kalena Langford Family

Here are a few random things about me:

  • Wife to my best friend who I met in person for the first time when he picked me up for our first date
  • Proud mom to the two cutest and super funny kiddos, Brigs and Ro
  • Louisianan my entire life, but in different parts of the state, which are kind of like two different states (if you know, you know)
  • Aspiring small shop owner: I have dreams of the perfect little brick and mortar store with a super fun curated online shop to match. Until then, we’re trying to sort of (and slowly) get started at brigsandro.com.
  • Not in one bit unhappy with where we currently live, but if met with the right circumstances, I would move to Hawaii instantly.
  • If the opportunity arose, I would also own a farm. That probably wouldn’t work in Hawaii, though. So, those are two very differing dreams, both of which I’d be so thankful to realize. So, maybe one day, you can come walk in the island sand with me every day orrrr help me gather eggs and milk the dairy cow.
  • I have a lot of interests, — homeschooling, natural approaches to living, writing, playing around with interior design and decor, shopping, gardening, spending time in nature, traveling, and there’s probably more, — which is why you’ll see a big variety of things here. It’s who I am, and why my name felt like the appropriate title for this blog.

Welcome to KalenaLangford.com. I hope we can somehow connect through this little space.