Date night ⛳️

    Photo challenge, Day 3: Precious

    Not from today, but she did wear this same dress and boots today, so… 💞

    Photo challenge, Day 1: Abstract

    A mostly completed kids sticker by number of a unicorn

    Ro made a “pizza bracelet” for us all to share. All red so it won’t show stains. There was a lesson in there on why it shouldn’t be white or yellow also since her goal was to be able to wear it and not stain it. 😊❤️

    An all red pony bead “pizza” bracelet made by my daughter

    A very important reminder from Rowyn

    A sticky note on a window/door that says, “Don’t forget lollipops”

    Painted up high today. Church foyer looking fresh.

    A hand (with paint on it) holding a Yeti cup (full of coffee) with a Landmark Church logo on it high on a lift in the Landmark Church foyer.

    Louisiana’s Old State Capitol

    Going through 4th of July (actually, July 3rd) pictures. And just really love this of my girl and my cousin’s pups (Luna + Sadie). The dogs wore out before Ro did. She had so much fun. And she looks like she’s glowing a little here. ✨ It was somehow such a really nice evening in the scorching south.

    Read outside this morning with our drinks of choice. Left to right: B - chai latte, Me - coffee, Ro - OJ

    Green screen at the local news station today

    Made sparkling strawberry lemonade, and it was yum (and pretty).

    Proud of this painter 💙🌴🌊

    Lemon balm 💛💚

    The best

    Kid in IKEA ☺️🤣

    He actually thoroughly enjoyed the first while we were there. And most of the time after this photo was taken. 👏🏼 Good job, buddy.

    Pipevine Swallowtail

    A new-ish favorite habit of mine is to walk around the yard on Sunday afternoons checking the garden and plants and things. With a hot drink in hand, usually.

    Photo challenge: Early (sunrise on Haleakalā in June 2015)

    Photo Challenge: Patience

    Signs of Spring 🌱

    Brigsby needed a bookmark.

    On our road trip over the last week, this is one (of many) of my favorite memories: My bud requested a coffee date with me. Never done that with him before. It did not disappoint.

    my boy sipping coffee in downtown Hot Springs

    Bud bought his own Nintendo Switch that came in Thursday. He decided to share, so we’re having a Mario Kart family round robin this morning. ✨✨✨

    Best(ish) part about being home (from traveling for Christmas) is my own coffee. Excited to sip on this all morning. Ahhhh.

    A Rowyn Moment

    Yesterday afternoon after @mtt got home, I told the kids I was running to Target. Ro immediately runs to her room. She comes out with this “list.” She made it a few weeks ago. Very tediously, as you can see. She told me it was her birthday list (which is 3+ months away), but that I could use it as my shopping list with the stipulation that I not mess it up and bring it back. 😊

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