I came across a gorgeous green vase last week while browsing on Target’s website. That sparked a long search of other vases currently available at Target. There’s some goooood ones! So, with Valentine’s Day and Spring (yay for flowers picked right out of the yard!) on the way, I compiled them into this graphic to share.

Here are the links if one or twelve catch your eye and you want more info.

  1. Small Carved Cream Vase
  2. Modern Arched Ceramic Channa Vase
  3. Round Ceramic Vase
  4. Tall Swirled Clay Marble Vase
  5. Medium Ribbed Sculptural Glass Vase
  6. Tall Ceramic Textured Vase
  7. Fluted Glass Vase
  8. Small Ceramic Vase
  9. Small Footed Ceramic Vase
  10. Small Geo Pattern Vase
  11. Modern Ring Ceramic Camilla Vase
  12. Small Tinted Glass Vase