I recently (and very in the moment) put together a quick craft to go with the book, “Because of an Acorn.” I sat down at the table one morning and read the book to my kids. Then I pulled out blank paper and jars of cut up paper organized by color so we could “paint with paper.” By that, I mean that we made collages. In all honesty, I thought the kids might really want to make acorns. But their creative minds started drawing other Fall-ish things from the book (and beyond). So, I am the one who made the paper collage acorn in the photos here. And thoroughly enjoyed doing so, I’ll add.

The best part of making paper collages is that it can be tailored to different difficulty levels, so it’s great for multiple ages. It’s also soooo inexpensive. All the pieces of paper we used were scraps from previous projects. You could also cut up old magazines, newspaper, etc.

We chose to freehand our designs. The kids did trees, pumpkins, and a rabbit. 😊🐇 But I’m sure it would work great to find some simple pictures of what you want online then print them to use.

We used white card stock as our base, and the paper scraps were a mix of card stock, tissue paper, and construction paper. Gold construction paper is what I used as the main portion of my acorn.

Hoping to do more and more simple book/craft combos. My biggest hindrance is me. For some reason, I think it’s going to take a long time to plan and pull everything out. But it really, really doesn’t. And it never needs to be perfectly staged or anything like that. Just do it. Hear that, Kalena? Just do it!