I’ve been using Portrait mode on my iPhone a lot more for some reason. And that’s resulted in several pictures I super love. Here are several from December:

Making an “About Me” book (complete with a hat 😍) at our homeschool co-op day

I’d say I can’t believe I haven’t printed and framed this yet, but I totally can believe it. Planning on changing that soon. When I do print, I use Walgreens sometimes, but my very favorite place to get prints and more from is Parabo Press (use code WSNSCS for $10 off your first order).

Meet Soggy Soggy. He likes us because we feed the fish, and they feed him.

Asked to go fishing. Caught 13, I think.

All her pose. And all her choice of bow. I love both.

A Christmas art walk in his beloved, but very oversized Braves jacket

At that same art walk, but with slightly less enthusiasm and slightly more sass

🎡 at Acadian Village (A couple of our multi-year favorites: Slouch beanie and Primary lightweight puffer)

Some spontaneous Christmas crafting

A yellow kitty cat hat as a gift made this a happy girlie.

Claiming her seat

Christmas Day excitement


It’s the pen, for me. 😂💙

Burger date night with my bud