Everything needed for some tasty coffee (minus the actual coffee, but if you need a suggestion, Purity Coffee is my current fave): A pour-over setup, good-looking electric kettle with great reviews and at a great price, aesthetically pleasing stir spoons and coasters, a travel Yeti mug to keep coffee hot (or cold) all morning whether at home or on the go, a cute ceramic mug if that’s your preference (or you just need to add to your obsession, oh I mean collection), and mason jar lids and ice cube trays to freeze some coffee if cold is your preference.

Here are the links:

  1. Green gooseneck electric kettle
  2. Bamboo mason jar lids with straws
  3. Chemex glass pour-over coffeemaker
  4. Chemex filters
  5. YETI travel mug
  6. Gold stir spoons
  7. Set of 6 silicone coasters
  8. Large ceramic coffee mug
  9. Silicone ice cube tray