We’ve spent the vast amount of the last few months at home, and I’ve found a renewed appreciation for Walmart Pickup. I know it’s not for everyone, but our new local (we recently moved) Walmart is about 7 minutes from our home, and I’ve found that if I schedule Pickup for 8 or 9am, it takes about 5 minutes or less to get my order once I’m there. This is not the same experience I had previously (several years ago).

So for those that also appreciate or at least utilize the convenience of Walmart Pickup, but despise not choosing your own produce and such or checking your eggs before you purchase them, etc…. There’s an EASY way to report damaged items and receive a refund for them. I’ve used it for overripe produce, cracked eggs, and a product past expiration. I don’t plan to abuse it and would expect that there’s some sort of system in place to prevent that. But I have been happy to discover an easy way to ensure that I don’t waste money.

This report is done in the WalMart app right where you order groceries. Here are the steps once you launch the Walmart app:

  1. Select Shop my store.
  2. Choose the hamburger menu.
  3. Go to Account.
  4. Select Your orders.
  5. Choose the appropriate order.
  6. Click Start a return (in Have an item issue? box).
  7. Select the item you wish to return/report for a refund.
  8. Select the reason you’re returning/reporting for a refund.
  9. Click Submit request.

You should immediately receive notice in the app that you’ll receive a refund (when appropriate). And when bad or damaged food is involved, it has always informed me there’s no need to return the item (would be weird and not worth it if you were required to, of course).

That’s it. It probably took you longer to read through this than it would to actually report an item. That’s pretty good, especially for Walmart. 😏