I purchased this book a couple of months ago with the intention of using the illustrations as part of a lesson I put together for our little toddler homeschool group we’re apart of. I did end up briefly using it, but that was really just a good excuse to get my hands on it because for some reason it’s been on my wishlist (I LOVE children’s books). I mean, can you blame me, though? The artwork is wonderful! And the book is very informative. There are so many different approaches to trees rather than dialogue and pictures of only trees themselves. The book discusses leaves, roots, and seasons. It talks about seeds and species. There’s a large amount of history dispersed throughout the literature. There are spreads dedicated to what animals eat trees and which ones live in trees. And there is a lot of information about how trees are used to make things. All of the text is accompanied by beautiful, eye-catching illustrations that, in my opinion, are the driving force to purchase the book. I am so happy to have this as part of our personal library now, and I’m excited that it will be useful for many years to come. I’d honestly recommend this book for ALL ages.