I recently did a poll on my Instagram Story asking if anyone would be interested in me sharing some of the clean health, beauty, and cleaning products I use. I received more feedback than I expected (based on the few previous polls I’ve done), which was exciting to me because finding and using (and seeing the benefits of) cleaner products is something I consider a passion of mine. And the positive response validated my desire to start sharing more about that (on Instagram and here).

Before I start putting any products or advice out there, I wanted to quickly share my reason for transitioning to cleaner products over the last several years. Really, it’s three main things:

  1. For the health of my children
  2. To take the best care of my body (my temple that God has given me) that I can
  3. And, because I feel a PERSONAL conviction in taking the knowledge I now have (and am constantly trying to take in) about the dangers and waste of conventional products and BEING INTENTIONAL about applying it to my life the best I can

Those all kind of go hand in hand, and there are multiple (overlapping) reasons within the ones I just listed. I’m actually working on a longer post about it. But for now, that’s it in a nutshell. I also just want to say that, in the grand scheme of things, I know very little. But I’m trying to do better about really researching things. So, my purpose in sharing is just to make others aware and offer suggestions about what has worked for me and what I like.

That all being said, there were several people (in a related, but different Instagram Story poll) that also relayed that they were unaware of the dangers of chemicals in conventional products. So, I wanted to touch on that quickly. Basically, there are many toxins and carcinogens in soooooo many health, beauty, and cleaning products on the market. Even in some products that are marketed as “all natural.” And it’s the potential for the build-up of these toxins in our bodies (and the ill effects of that that may not be seen for many years) by using multiple products containing them that I want to avoid.

I want to be my best self and take care of my body and my babies’ bodies the best I can (I know I already said that, but it’s important enough for me to repeat). Taking the time to research and invest in quality and clean products is one way I know to do that. It’s taken time (over three years now) to figure out the best places to learn from and what products align with what I’m comfortable using (and all the information is constantly evolving). One of my favorite blogs to follow along is Branch Basics (also my favorite multi-use cleaner!). One good post to start with is this one.

I’m hoping to compile a big list soon of everything I use. I think it will be a good way for me to keep track of what I use and like and the products I still need to improve. And it will be a good way for me to easily share everything I use with anyone who is interested.