Another day, another zinnia bouquet 😍

Inspiration: Pretty Christmas Finds at TJMaxx

I’d much rather be looking at Christmas things than Halloween, so that’s what I’ve been doing. Here’s some simple, but pretty holiday finds, some of which can be used year round.

Clear LED Lit Tree

White Wood Tree

20in Copper Resin Deer

Set of 3 Matte Black Resin Deer

Black Bells Door Hanger

Set of 4 Pink Glasses

Gingerbread Kitchen Towels

Gold Eucalyptus Branch

White Textured Terracotta Vase

Dark Green Fluted Bowl

We’ve been spending evenings outside after dinner. I love it so much.

Fall weather in Louisiana accurately depicted in this photo of B from yesterday 😂

Ro decided she wanted a pet fox today.

Inspiration: Target Boho Fall Home Things

October. Officially Fall (though I’m always ready for the hopeful pre-celebrations on September 1st). Fun new pieces from the most colorful home decor line at Target–Opalhouse designed with The Jungalow.

Marble Bookends

Marble Tray - currently out of stock

Oblong Apricot Pillow with Green Scalloped Trim

18” Square Peach-ish and Brown Pillow with Purple Fringe Trim

“Autumn Blossom” Printed Cotton Sheet Set

Burgundy Shower Curtain with Tassels

Flower- Shaped Bath Rug

Small Stoneware Bath Canister

Stacking Stoneware Bath Canister

Burgundy and Apricot Hand Towel

I just filled up my contact case with solution and tried to take contacts out of my eyes that weren’t there. I took them out about 7 hours ago.

Date night ⛳️

Photo challenge, Day 3: Precious

Not from today, but she did wear this same dress and boots today, so… 💞

Photo challenge, Day 1: Abstract

A mostly completed kids sticker by number of a unicorn

Ro made a “pizza bracelet” for us all to share. All red so it won’t show stains. There was a lesson in there on why it shouldn’t be white or yellow also since her goal was to be able to wear it and not stain it. 😊❤️

An all red pony bead “pizza” bracelet made by my daughter

A very important reminder from Rowyn

A sticky note on a window/door that says, “Don’t forget lollipops”

Last Week

I thought I was going to “journal” this here on Monday, but here it is Saturday. These things still happened last week, though. And I still want to document them. So…

On Monday, we went ice skating. Highly recommend when it’s 109 degrees (feels like) outside. Kids even fell asleep on the way home. Or came close and acted like they did. Either way, it was a quiet ride home.

Tuesday: We had a homeschool PE day in the morning. Built a double Picasso Tiles marble run and cut flowers with my girl in the afternoon.

Spent the day at home on Wednesday, and Ro helped me make spaghetti for a mommy and kids night while Daddy went to dinner with some friends.

Thursday: lift rides in the church

On Friday, we stayed home. I asked if the kiddos wanted to jump on the trampoline before it got too hot and while it was in the shade. They did. I grabbed the hose to water some plants, and it ended up attached to a sprinkler pointed at the trampoline. Sweet summertime.

Rowyn calls receipts sareets, and I love it so much.

Wish I hadn’t misplaced the tape measure earlier this afternoon while hanging a little gallery wall in my daughter’s room… Because now I need to measure my feet.

Up late researching safety razors and leather shoes

Painted up high today. Church foyer looking fresh.

A hand (with paint on it) holding a Yeti cup (full of coffee) with a Landmark Church logo on it high on a lift in the Landmark Church foyer.

Spent 5 minutes in my outdoor shed earlier today. In 109 degrees (that’s factoring in humidity). Pretty sure that could’ve counted as a full length sauna session. 🥵

7:30am swimming lessons for the kids this week. Plus random appointments throughout the week. 3 days in. It’s 2:00pm, but legitimately feels like 6:00pm. I. Am. Tired. Makes me thankful for our homeschool routine and that it doesn’t involve getting up and getting out super early every day.

Louisiana’s Old State Capitol