Easy Peasy Seedsy Valentines

I went with a cheesy title to match the cheesy Valentines I’m showing you here. Honestly, I’m super proud of these. I saw a few seed Valentines floating around Instagram and loved some I saw with silly sayings stamped out like this to match the plant. So, I made my own. As far as I know, they’re original. The one on the yellow paper is a bit of a stretch, but I still like it!

Zinnias are such a FUN and easy flower to grow, so this is the perfect, long lasting Valentine to gift kids and gal pals alike! And they’re not candy, which is something I appreciate.

I used stamps and some leftover linen-y card stock paper, but if you’re in a big hurry or don’t want to take the time to stamp it out, it would still be super cute to write or print some on whatever paper you have!

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